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The Ultimate Do's and Don'ts for the picture perfect tan!

Hello Girls,

Tanning Season is here!!!!
Wait!!! Before you grab your beach bag and flip flops and run to the beach, let me tell you about a few tanning advices that you need to abide by to get the perfect tan without getting burnt or damaging your skin. You have to always remember that excessive tanning will lead to skin cancer and premature ageing, so tanning has to be done wisely and cautiously as well.

The Do's and Don'ts for tanning:

The Do's:

1) Do apply some sunblock on areas that get burnt easily like the face, the shoulders, and the chest. Don't worry these areas are covered with thin skin, so they will tan regardless. Applying a bit of SPF will prevent them from being baked.

2) Do exfoliate at least two days before your tanning session so that your tan is even and smooth.

3) Do purchase a good quality tanning oil with some SPF to block all the harmful UV/UB rays from damaging your skin cells. Check yesterday's post for my favourite tanning oils!

4) If your skin is acne-prone make sure that you get tanning oils that does not block your pores. There are dry tanning oils available on the market that will prevent you from getting acne.

5) Re-apply your tanning oil and your sun block after each swimming session.

6) Make sure that you have a hat and an umbrella when you need it. Sit in the shade once you feel your body's temperature is getting very hot. Tanned skin is sexy. Baked skin is a complete turn off!

7) Always have some cooling sprays with you to cool your body down from the excessive heat. You can use Nivea's Cooling Mist or Evian Water Spray.

8) Always hydrate when you are on the beach. A cold smoothie, cocktail or icy water will help cool your temperature down from the inside.

9) I can not stress this point enough: Always take with you ALOE VERA GEL for after the tanning session. It has cooling and soothing natural ingredients that will calm the skin's down and heal sun burns after a long day in the sun.

10) Always hydrate and moisturise your skin after tanning. When you tan the skin gets very dehydrated; which only explains why it starts flaking off. To prevent that from happening moisturise really really well.

The Don'ts:

1) Do not buy tanning oils with SPF 0. They will burn you. Men may tolerate that cause they have thicker skin.

2) Do not apply baby oil or an oil that is not specifically designed for tanning. They will burn you.

3) Do not get too excited and sit for ten hours straight in the sun on your first day of tanning. Do that gradually. Start with two hours and gradually increase along your vacation.

4) Do not shower with hot or warm water after tanning. Cold water is the best way to guarantee that you won't be all red and baked. I love jumping in very cold pools after tanning. The most refreshing feeling ever!

5) Do not apply any perfumes when you are heading to the beach.

6) The UV/UB rays are the strongest from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm. Try not to tan in those time intervals. Before is great and after is safe!

7) Tanning is not a competition of who gets bronzed faster. Calm Down. All bodies and skin react differently. Don't force yourself to stay for long hours so that you go to work next day all bronzed up. You won't! You will look like a burnt bagel. Do it gradually and wisely and you will get amazing results!

8) Don't wax and head to the beach. This will be like pins and needles when you are tanning. Do so at least 2-3 days before your trip.

9) Don't tan too much, it dehydrates the skin and causes wrinkles. A nice subtle golden colour is more than enough to give you the desired look.

10) Don't tan if you are pregnant. Raising your body temperature so high is a very unsafe environment for your baby inside. Your kid will boil like an egg. Tanning can wait until you give birth, no rush.

11) If you just had any skin treatments, laser sessions on your face, or even skin problems like eczema, do not tan. If you have very thin skin where you can actually see your blood capillaries, do not tan. You can always opt for safe sunless self-tanning options instead. St.Tropez Self Tanner is the boss.

I have done my part, now you can go and have fun :)
Enjoy it girls and have a wonderful vacation!

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