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Makeup Brushes 101 for Dummies

Hello Girls,
I get tons of questions asking about what are the basic set of makeup brushes that makeup beginners or amateurs can buy?

Here is the list of basic brushes that you need to start doing your makeup better:

1) Fan Brush
-To swipe any fallen eyeshadow particles from the face
- For Highlighting Purposes

2) Blush brush
- To apply pink or peach blush on apple of cheeks

3) Contour Brush
- Contour cheekbones, temples and jawbones to help achieve a better bone structure

4) Kabuki Brush
- For Powders and Bronzers

5) Blending Brush
-For blending eyeshadows inside the crease of the eye

6) Eyeshadow Brush
- To apply eyeshadow on the eyelid

7) Angled Brush
- To draw eyebrows and winged liner

8) Lip Brush
- For dark lipsticks like burgundy and red. This blush helps to draw defined lips and avoid what is known to be "Lipstick Bleeding" Lipstick bleeding is when the lipstick starts getting out of the outline of the lips when you eat or drink.


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